Join A Tribe Of The Sharpest & Most Passionate Growth Marketers in the country

What makes us so special?

We are 100% remote, so location doesn’t stand in our way. We do what we know best – understand how the digital world works – and apply it to our working environment as well.

We are a team of 15 people spread across 3 countries that use simple tools and processes to communicate, collaborate and connect with one another. Every new member who joins the team gets to work from the location they choose – just like us all.

We work remotely with our clients as well


  • Work Remotely! Yep, 100%! Anywhere in the world (with reliable internet)
  • Opportunity to attend top creative, online, & marketing conferences
  • Yearly team travel experiences & retreats
  • Maternity & paternity leave
  • Unlimited vacation time (that includes holiday & sick days)
  • End of year bonus (based on performance)
  • 6-month performance reviews & salary increases

                                       Dear Growth Marketer,

I have no idea how you got to this website.

Maybe you read about it online or saw one of our Facebook Ads. Maybe a friend referred you to it. Or perhaps you stumbled onto it by pure dumb luck.

But, however you got here, you have arrived at what will be the most important webpage you ever read…

Here’s why: I want you to imagine this scenario…

What if you woke up in the morning fresh and excited about your job?…

What if every hour you worked was recognised and rewarded with a fantastic salary that gave you the lifestyle you always wanted?…

And what if your teammates were some of the most talented, hardworking, and fun growth marketers in all of Ghana? And you got to rub shoulders with them every day?

Think a dream-job like this is unrealistic? Think again.

If you’re talented, hungry, and ready to start an incredible career, then we’d love to talk to you today
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