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How you can use a ChatBot in your business

Why You Need A Chatbot?

Save Time & Money – Your intelligent ChatBot can deal with a huge volume of customer queries, allowing you to focus on generating revenue.​

Increase Your Sales – Generate more sales in Messenger through bespoke personalized messaging to hot audiences.

Incredible Engagement – Building a Subscriber List and segmenting this list allows you to register mind-blowing engagement rates in Messaging Apps.

Connect With Your Audience – Limitless ChatBot capabilities allow brands to communicate with their audience in new ways, and to build confidence and trust.

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customer services
Customer Service

A ChatBot is the perfect tool to help automate and manage customer enquiries on Messaging Apps to help free up time and resource – a virtual Customer Service ChatBot can help customers get quick answers to frequently asked questions, allowing a brand to focus more time on the important stuff. 

Sales Generation

Chat Marketing is an incredibly powerful new channel to use for sales and marketing efforts during advertising campaigns. Not only can a ChatBot support brands in managing customer enquiries, but it can also be used as a key tool to generate sales and effectively promote new products through personalized messaging.

lead generation

Lead Generation

A ChatBot is the perfect tool to pre-qualify leads and potential customers who are interested in buying your products – this channel allow users to determine their preferences and brands to learn much more about their customers, creating personalized marketing strategies.

Broadcasting To Subscribers

One of the key features of Chat Marketing is the ability to broadcast key promotional and non-promotional messaging to your chatbot subscribers. Through audience segmentation, you can easily achieve 90% open rates and 40% engagements rates! 

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Our Winning Approach to help you use ChatBot Marketing


Our team of ChatBot experts will conduct a full in-depth analysis of your brand and product offering to determine potential ChatBot applications.

Strategy &
Bot Mapping

After a full analysis has been conducted, the team will begin to create your bespoke strategy and ChatBot framework to complement your organic and/or paid media strategy. 

Design &

Our experts get to work in designing your new Chatbot and its clever functionalities; all projects go through vigorous stages of user and client testing to fix any potential bugs before launch. 

Execution &

Upon launch, our team are on-hand for full support to fix any issues, make necessary tweaks, and generate exciting new ideas to deliver further value through ChatBots. 

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